The Glenrothes 1998

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Mid-mahogany, clear and bright

Nutmeg, fruit cake, nuts and dark honey

As above and rich, creamy vanilla

Full, lingering dried fruits and spice.

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The First Edition of this whisky was bottled and released in 2009, when John Ramsay, the Malt Master at the time, selected those casks he deemed to be at their peak in terms of taste and quality. However, some of the whisky, he suggested, needed more maturation time; just a little longer in order for it to reach perfection.

This Second Edition is the result of that extra 7-year wait. It is unchill-filtered and natural in colour, aged in a mixture of first-fill American Sherry hogshead and refill Sherry butts. It is bottled at 44.1%, a higher strength than the First Edition, giving it even greater intensity and a richer character. In the words of our Brand Heritage Director, Ronnie Cox, it is “a deliciously full Glenrothes, made for the ultimate armchair conversation”.