Royal Salute Ruby 21 Years


Aged whiskies have complex characters and equally powerful personalities, and Charles called upon his genius as a Master Blender to marry their myriad flavours and craft a blend that would itself become an aristocrat amongst whiskies. His was the ultimate tribute to the young Queen.

And not only in the whisky he created but also the name chosen. For it was to be known as Royal Salute 21 Years Old, after the 21-gun salute of friendship and respect that has been fired to honour dignitaries, sovereigns and nations since medieval times.

Since Coronation Day, 1953, only three men have succeeded Charles Julian as Master Blender. And each has used his expertise and experience to recreate Royal Salute 21 Years Old to Charles’s exacting standards.

But, rather than simply upholding this illustrious tradition, they’ve taken Charles’s challenge and set about creating their own masterpieces for further generations of whisky lovers.

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Royal Salute Ruby 21 Years

Royal Salute is the only Scotch whisky collection that begins at 21 years of age. Our base camp is everyone else’s summit of Everest; our first race is everyone else’s Olympic Final.

Which means Royal Salute is the only whisky that is dedicated to individuals who seek and enjoy the highest form of luxury.

Through their own experience and achievement, they’ll have an innate understanding of how we attain such standards: our refusal to compromise on quality, or recognise any benchmark other than our own.