Montes Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2014


The Wine

  • A crisp and fruity wine. Light yellow-green color; bright and clear. The aroma shows pure and intense Sauvignon Blanc character, showing the potential of its cold-zone origin in coastal Leyda Valley, where the morning fogs and low temperatures prolong the hanging period.


Montes Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2014

ST 88 points (2010)


The vineyards destined for our Montes Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc are located in the Leyda Valley, approximately 8 km (5 mi) from the Pacific coast.

The vines are double guyot trained and pruned to obtain no more than 10 ton/hectare. The spring frosts that affected Chile’s entire central zone had much less effect in Leyda than it did in Casablanca, and therefore we were able to reach yields averaging 8 tons/hectare.

As in the other coastal zones, the phenological stages began a bit late, but the good weather conditions in October through December allowed the fruit to reach veraison at times similar to those of the previous season.


Harvest Period: March 3–14

The 2013–2014 season was marked by successive frosts from mid-September through late October throughout the Central Valley and southern Chile. Because Leyda is a more coastal zone, it has a slight climatic advantage due to the thermal effects of the proximity of the sea, although our Sauvignon Blanc was still affected. December presented high temperatures and was precipitation free, which benefitted the optimal formation of healthy bunches.

The small drop in yield led us to obtain good distribution of bunches on the vines, better ventilation, and therefore, very healthy grapes at the time of harvest. Harvest began 11 days earlier than it did in the 2012–2013 season, and the grapes presented very high aromatic potential, very crisp skins, and well-ripened seeds.


The grapes are hand picked into 300-kg (660-lb) containers. The harvest takes place early in the morning to keep the grapes as cool as possible until they reach the cellar, where the bunches are carefully selected before destemming. The grapes are then cold macerated (below 10º C / 50º F) for 12–24 hours. The juice is drained and statically decanted for another 24 hours to ensure the must is clean before it is transferred to the definitive tanks and inoculated for alcoholic fermentation.

Commercial cereviciae yeasts are used for fermentation, which lasts 20–25 days. This fermentation process is quite slow because we prefer to work with low temperatures (12º–13º C / 54º–55º F) for very controlled fermentation kinetics. Upon completion of the alcoholic fermentation, 100% of the wine is sulfited to completely detain the yeast activity and protect the wine against oxidation. Once the different components of the final blend are defined, the wine is held on its lees, which are stirred once a week until it is necessary to stabilize the proteins and tartaric precipitations just prior to bottling.


Bright and very light yellow in color. The nose features notes of tropical white fruits such as passion fruit and fresh pineapple as well as citrus notes and a particular touch of fresh-cut green chili, which is typical of this terroir, as well as notes of tomato leaf. The light-bodied palate starts fresh, crisp, and nervy with a persistent finish.


Denomination of Origin: Leyda Valley Clone Selection: 1 and 242

Filtering: By sterile cartridge (membrane)

Vineyard Yield: 8 tons/hectare (3.9 tons/acre)

Grape Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Oak Aging: Unoaked


Aging Recommendations: Store in a cool, dry, dark place at no more than 15º C / 59º F.

Recommended Serving Temperature: 12º–13º C / 54º–55º F

Decanting: Not necessary Food Pairing: Highly recommended with razor clams Parmesan, salmon ceviche, Chilean Sea Bass, and garlic shrimp


Alcohol 12.5% Total Acidity (H2SO4) 4.8 g/lt.

Residual Sugar 1.55 g/lt. pH 3.08 g/lt.

Volatile Acidity (C2H4O2) 0.36 g/lt.

Free SO2 29 mg/lt.